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Remote Ballast N-5485600C-1 INSTALLATION The distance between the remote ballast and the light fixture is limited. Metal Halide fixtures are limited by the wire size used between the ballast and the fixture. To determine maximum distance between the ballast and fixture, refer to the chart below. Taken from Advance Transformer Company 2002-2003

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240 Volt 3 wire (split phase) Ballast Bypass Wiring instructions and diagram most of the time when retrofitting to LED Light Bulbs you will have to bypass the ballast and wire direct to the light socket. That is because higher lumen output bulbs like metal halide, HID or CFL all require a

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Quartz Metal Halide Lamps 150W and less also require the use of an igniter to provide a high voltage initial 'pulse' to ignite the lamp. In QMH applications, once the initial arc is established the igniter stops pulsing and the lamps 'warm' up to full lumen output. Metal Halide lamps 150W and below utilize Pulse Start technology.